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Teahon's newspaper jewelry box is an eye grabber

Teahon's newspaper jewelry box is an eye grabber
Issue Time:2017-12-06

Teahon's newspaper jewelry box is an eye grabber

YORK – A clever and artistically-inclined person could create who-knows-what from 200 feet of newspapers. Who knows, maybe even a jewelry box disguised as a rustic log cabin.
Asked where the plans came from for his unique creation, Nebraska sandhiller and current York resident Tommie Teahon pointed a finger in the direction of his western hat grinned and answered, “Right up here.”
Teahon, a former rodeo rough stock rider who has also appeared in a long list of western movies and television shows such as “Little House on the Prairie” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” has built similar pieces in the past, most from wood, and given them to friends and family as gifts. The one pictured here, however, will most likely be offered for sale on eBay, in large part to satisfy Teahon’s curiosity about what it might bring.
Each the tiny newspaper log is rolled on a table individually by hand … Teahon’s hand to be specific. When the diameter reaches ¼-inch the log is set aside.
“Ya gotta roll ‘em real snug,” he said in obvious understatement.
Once construction is complete, Teahon said he applies multiple coats of polyurethane to seal, stiffen and protect his cabin-in-miniature.
Teahon brought the piece to the News-Times on Tuesday to say, “Thanks for the papers.” and to show the finished product, which drew an immediate audience of ooh-ing and ahh-ing YNT staff members from throughout the building.
Tipping back the roof reveals a spacious, divided, lift-out jewelry tray. Another storage compartment is hidden behind the front steps, beneath the porch, and still another box is built into the fireplace and chimney.
“The flower pots” on the porch “are acorn tops,” he explained. The swing and rocking chair are tiny, but nonetheless required three feet of small tree branches to make.
Teahon said from start to finish the jewelry-box-in-a-cabin consumed more than 50 hours and dozens of work sessions to complete.

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