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Rising paper prices could be a turning point in the book industry

Rising paper prices could be a turning point in the book industry
Issue Time:2018-05-09

[CPP114] news: from May 1 solstice May 4, in just four days, 32 paper mills across the country have announced price increases, with prices ranging from 100 yuan to 300 yuan per ton.The price of paper has been a focus of the book industry in recent years, and recently it has become the pain of publishers.Recently, reporters came to the printing press, publishing houses and bookstores to investigate their difficulties.The rise in paper prices may have been a turning point in the book industry.

The printing shop:

The price of paper is back to its high ten years ago.

Located in yizhuang, Beijing hualian printing co., LTD., the machine rumbles, the conveyor belt, the book just printed.In the warehouse, the drum roll paper is arranged neatly, and the forklift truck travels through the shuttle. It is transporting bundles of flat sheets to the printing shop.These papers, which affect the nerves of the publishing industry, are waiting for an assembly line to complete the mission of books and magazines.

Paper is also a hot topic that the printing industry has been discussing since 2017.Beijing hualian printing co., LTD., director, general manager zhu said, in November 2016, the paper to all of a sudden rise in price, starting from the first quarter of 2017, the paper present a tendency of soaring more, about 30% to 40%.And showed the trend of rising slightly in 2018, the purchase prices rose 2.2% in February, march and rose 1.8%, three months rose to 4%, "the lightweight coated paper or larger, prices have and coated paper are about the same now."Zhu said.According to reporter understanding, the inside pages of printed books generally adopts the offset paper, this paper the current price is 8200 yuan to 8400 yuan per ton, coated paper, light paper, respectively is 7800 yuan per ton to 8000 yuan, 7700 yuan to 7900 yuan.

According to zhu min's analysis, today's paper prices are not the highest in history, but the equivalent of 2008 prices."In 1995 and 1996, there was a high level, and then there was a trend of increased capacity, and paper prices have been falling from 2008 to 2016, but there is a new trend."

Analysis of the personage inside course of study, paper pulp, transport costs, such as coal prices, and in 2016 for environmental policy tightening and low-end capacity elimination, etc., many medium and small paper mills have closed, these are all factors of record-keeping.Zhu min revealed that he used to recommend publishing houses and magazines to exchange paper, but now even if the paper is changed, the price of all kinds of paper is going up.She admits that the risks and pressures are growing for print companies, "because our contracts with magazines are a year off."

In the face of paper price increases, the personage inside course of study thinks, this to the greatest effect in the teaching material, teaching material pricing through price bureau, but pricing needs a process of application, examination and approval, in the meantime, press will be under huge pressure.Zhu also believes that although the publisher can reduce the loss by raising prices, but higher prices at the same time, also have to improve, and that for publishing house, is also a challenge.


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